About Me

Emily Brand

My name is Emily, most people call me Em! I am 21 (born 1998) years old. I compete in femle figure and physique competitions.

My fitness journey started after suffering from Anorexia nervosa for 6 years. Recovery started for me 5 years ago in 2014 after I became a qualified personal trainer. Fitness and bodybuilding has changed my life and I live and breath for the sport.

My dream next year (2020) is to win my IFBB Pro card. I am currently working hard to build as much muscle as possible so I can compete at the highest level. I want to get big and grow! I want to become IFBB pro and compete internatally. That would be a deam come true.

Competition history

NPC Ireland Championships


2nd Place Overall

Amateur Olympia UK


5th Place Overall

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